Do you ever wonder how you spent your days with your children a year ago? Will you wonder the same in 3 or 10 years? There are so many things that happen in a day in the life of a family, and as our children get older, there are so many memories that can be easily forgotten or missed. I am so excited to offer “A Day in A Life” family photojournalism. My goal is to capture all those fleeting details that make every family special and unique. My process is simple. I spend some time with you and your family, doing anything or everything or nothing at all. I will capture the simple ordinary details of playtime in the park, morning routines and outings, hockey practice, meals, and even bedtime.  I will provide you with a window to those precious moments; like the look on your little ones face when you came home, or their excitement of completing a puzzle all by herself for the first time. These are the images that we want to keep forever, because these are the images that will make us smile for a lifetime.