What I Do

With a camera in hand, my main mission and passion is to help you REMEMBER those fleeting moments that cease to exist in a blink of an eye. Like, the way your daughter twirls her hair when in deep thought, or how you held your son so close as you sang him a lullaby,  and even the way your children played together during bath time. These everyday, simple acts are the ones we seem to forget so easily... and years later, we want to REMEMBER them as clearly as they were yesterday. Honest Family Documentary is what I do, and is how you will forever have that window to look back and REMEMBER.

How I Do It

My work begins with getting to know you and your family. I spend some time learning what you love to do as a family, what's important to you, and really getting down to the kids level and playing with them.  Everyone needs to be comfortable with my presence to the point that you don't even know that I am there to photograph them. AND this is when the magic happens... This is when expressions and actions are most honest and natural.

Please know that I am not a studio photographer. I only use the natural light,  I do not do forced family photos, and rarely ask for you to deliver an involuntary smile. Instead, we will talk, play, and laugh in your chosen environment. You will enjoy each other and live a normal “day in your life”.  I am first and foremost a documentary photographer and I aim to capture the human condition in it’s most honest form.  It is Life captured through honest images.   These images will be the ones that you display proudly in your home as well as share for the world to see.

Why I Do It

My inspiration today comes from my three wonderful children, Lexi, Jack and Alison. After my first was born, I started to really improve my photography skills, working on capturing all of the special ‘first’ moments of my daughter’s life and capturing the simple acts of love that happened between she and my husband and other loved ones. I knew then that my real passion was to capture a child’s true being through my photographs. What are the the things you want to remember most about your children? Are they inquisitive, silly,  quirky, or shy? What did they do that made you laugh so hard, or even cry. I wanted to capture children in their most honest moments. I knew that these are the images that we, as parents,  want to keep forever, as they are the ones that will make us smile for a lifetime.



Please enjoy these memories from our last family vacation...our "Day in a Life"